Remembering Clive Minton

Clive Minton 1934–2019

It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news that Clive Minton, the Group’s founder and Honorary President, tragically died in a road traffic accident on Wednesday 6 November 2019. Clive was mostly known for his passion for waders, founding WWRG in 1959 and groups in Australia following his move out there in the late 1970s as well as being a founder member of the International Wader Study Group. Clive was still actively involved with WWRG; he is pictured here with Daphne and Mike Watson and Steve Dodd during the summer 2018 WWRG trip that he attended for its entirety.

Clive and Pat Minton and Daphne Watson
Pat and Clive Minton, and Daphne Watson.

Clive was a tireless champion of those wanting to learn and take on the baton and mentored and supported many, not only in Britain and Australia, but around the world, especially, in recent years, those working along the East Asian flyway. He touched the lives of so many with his unstoppable passion for birds and their conservation, the world is a far poorer place without him – “a life well-lived” barely scratches the surface.

Clive kindly wrote about his memories of the early days on the Wash for our 60th anniversary in the summer. An online book about Clive’s enormous contribution to wader studies can be downloaded from the Victorian Wader Study Group’s website.

A tributes and remembrances page has been set up for Clive on the IWSG website.

Header photo: Clive (left), Mike, Steve and Daphne in summer 2018, by Cathy Ryden