Data requests

WWRG are very keen to encourage use of the Group’s data and maximize its use for conservation purposes. Because the data have been collected over a long period of time by volunteers, it is important to understand how they have been collected. Group members can provide support in the interpretation and analysis of data. We hold data from 1959 on our 11 study species, as well as other waders we have caught, though not all is currently computerised. For most species we have large samples of biometric and moult data from migrating and wintering populations. We also hold information on the numbers observed by Group members during fieldwork trips (NB these totals are not computerised).

How to apply

We strongly advise you discuss your data request with us before submitting a Data Request Form. To do so, please use the Contact Us form and a member of the Committee will get back to you.

To apply to use WWRG data, please complete a Data Request Form (open it in Acrobat and use Fill & Sign or complete it by hand and scan the form) and return it via the Contact Us form including ‘Data request’ in the subject line. The request will be forwarded to the Scientific Committee for consideration. As we are a purely voluntary organisation, we cannot always get back to you quickly, but we aim to respond to requests within four weeks.

Conditions of use

The data are not to be passed to a third party, without written permission from WWRG, and should be used only for the purpose requested; please contact us if you wish to extend your analyses. In the case of publications resulting from analyses of WWRG data, we would request that a WWRG author should be included on the publication. We will be happy to discuss this with you when you submit your data request. If joint authorship is not appropriate (e.g. if WWRG data form only a very minor part of a publication), WWRG involvement and assistance should be acknowledged. Depending on the nature of project, WWRG reserves the right to make an appropriate charge to cover data handling and extraction costs.