Maintenance weekend, June 2023

Friday 16 June

Mark did a morning recce at Heacham where he saw 300 Oystercatchers. He returned to the base and started on some of the jobs. Nigel and Jacquie were the next to arrive in the afternoon, followed by Cathy and Flo who set to work cooking up some jacket potatoes, soon to be helped by Max and Sophie when they arrived. Others arrived throughout the evening, and we ate outside before coming in for a team meeting. We discussed plans for morning recces to look for possible catch options of any summering flocks and read through the ever-growing list of maintenance jobs written on the whiteboard. Mark had already been busy starting them off earlier on, mowing the lawn, cutting and raking the hay meadow (car park) and watering the recently planted hedge (which is doing well).

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Maintenance and AGM weekend, 9-11 April 2023

An active and remarkable weekend in April made more progress on the jobs big and small than has been seen in recent years with Covid restrictions. Participants started arriving early on the Friday and more came on Saturday so that a total of 15 were able to help tackle the seemingly mammoth list that appeared on the planning boards. The weekend was planned around the first AGM of the charity (ably chaired by Katharine and introduced by Phil now one of our Honorary Presidents and who also enjoyed the weekend catching up and assisting) on Saturday afternoon with some resighting on Saturday morning.  

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